Email Verification

If you have received an email from us regarding code validation for a Jagex account, please complete the form by entering your email address and one of the following codes:

  • Confirmation codes allow you to sign up for one of our services. Please note that if you do not submit your confirmation code before it expires, you will remain unregistered. You will not be sent any additional emails from us, nor will you be subscribed to any mailing lists.
  • Abort codes allow you to cancel a pending change.
  • Unsubscribe codes allow you to remove the association of your email address with a Jagex account.

Please ensure that you copy the code exactly as it appears in the email and that you are entering it before the expiry date shown in the email.

Verify your email

If you need us to send new codes to you, click here

Please note that if you submit too many invalid codes, you will be temporarily blocked from submitting any more.

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